We do not take a Rube Goldberg approach to privacy and security

Stay away from needless complexity and exorbitant prices in return for partial functionality. Our guiding principles are: simplicity, leveraging existing investments, and preserving full functionality.

Titaniam brings to the industry the only viable approach to big data privacy and security.

We get it. We built our product from inside the underlying platform. We operate at the data level. We make your native platform support not only your existing functional goals but also your privacy and security objectives.

Big Data Privacy and Security Top Four Failures

Broken applications

The biggest challenge in other vendors’ technologies is the ripple effect on upstream and downstream applications. You have to accept that applications in the data path have to be drastically modified.

Reduced functionality

Other vendors provide controls that either reduce what can be done with the data or force you to walk away from critical data because they can simply not protect it while allowing applications to use it.

High performance tax

The limited controls that come from other vendors, come with a high performance tax. Very often business requirements do not permit the extra time, and you end up reverting to clear text.

Increased attack surface

Additional servers, web applications, new sets of credentials, additional calls, all serve to increase the attack surface. All too often, new applications, end up being the way in for attackers.

We Get it.

We know what we are doing

We offer protection that other vendors can’t while covering everything they cover. We do it better, we do it faster and we do it a whole lot cheaper.

Don’t just take our word for it. Let us prove it to you.