No more worrying about sensitive data ending up in Cloud Data Stores. Titaniam Protect RIPPLE has you covered.

Leverage the capabilities and convenience of Amazon S3 without fear of data privacy violations, insider breach, or data falling into the wrong hands


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Titaniam Protect

RIPPLE for Amazon S3

  • Converts designated fields into protected formats via proxy prior to ingesting them into Amazon S3

  • Data can be released to requester in clear text or protected format, based on configuration settings or access policy

  • RIPPLE implementation can be combined with Titaniam Protect PANTHER, a standalone service, which can be called for downstream decryption of protected data released by RIPPLE. 

  • With proper authrntication, protected data released by RIPPLE can be decrypted by other Titaniam Protect family products including PANTHER (as described above), ARCUS (platform plug-in), or MICRA (language library)
  • Supports six types of data protection: Data Entanglement (which supports search and analytics), Encryption, Format-preserving Encryption, Tokenization, Masking and Redaction

  • Supports variable field level protection as well as multiple types of protection for a single field. 

  • Supports keywords, text, numbers, IP Addresses, as well as PII specific field types

  • Direct access to Amazon S3 does not reveal clear text data 

  • Provides logs,  and dashboards for monitoring, audit, forensics, and compliance purposes

“Titaniam addresses a major gap in the data protection space. There isn’t a CISO out there who does not not want to reduce the risk of exposing valuable data as it flows through the enterprise.”

Javed Hasan

Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances at McAfee