Don’t work with clear text sensitive data ever again

Titaniam Protect makes it possible to search, analyze, aggregate, manipulate and transact sensitive data while maintaining granular, flexible, and adaptive protection for specific data and usage scenarios.

Titaniam Protect

Four flavors to meet real enterprise data protection scenarios


Titaniam Protect ARCUS embeds into the platform itself


Titaniam Protect PANTHER is a platform independent service


Titaniam Protect RIPPLE is as a proxy service for interception


Titaniam Protect MICRA is an in-memory language library

Full Spectrum of Protection

A single control point for a full spectrum of security and privacy options, starting with complete redaction, masking and tokenization, to fully searchable data entanglement, and all the way to strong encryption.

Protect ARCUS scales with the underlying platform and leverages native platform scaling. Protect PANTHER and RIPPLE scale horizontally . Protect MICRA is architected as a small footprint language library.

Built for Scale

Optimized for Performance

Designed for high-throughput and high-volume applications that require near real-time search and analytics. Search performance optimized for Titaniam’s secure and private data format. 

All access to sensitive or private data is logged, monitored, and available via dashboards and reports. This data can be used for audits against compliance requirements and security frameworks. 

Built-In Audit and Compliance

“Companies leveraging the SaaS ecosystem are worried about their customer data and providers are worried about insider threats and data breaches. Titaniam provides a new technology solution to address these security and data privacy concerns for both parties. ”

Caroline Wong,

Chief Strategy Officer,

"Titaniam completes the protection triad (at-rest, in-transit, and in-use) offering the ability to protect any data while in use without interfering with applications. I see this as a unique opportunity for every organization that has data to protect to do so without having to customize every application that relies on the data."

SVP and Information Security Officer

Fortune 5 Bank