Don’t Work With Sensitive Data in Clear Text Ever Again

100% of big data search and analytics takes place in clear text today.

This means 0% data protection for the 98% human error and 86% insider threat scenarios

Titaniam Protect™ Offers

Full-Spectrum of Protection

A single control point for a full spectrum of security and privacy options, starting from complete redaction, masking and tokenization, to fully searchable data entanglement, and all the way to strong encryption.

Built for Scale

100% aligned with the underlying distributed platform architecture, leveraging the native platform for scaling, load balancing, data distribution, and query handling. Zero architecture changes required and zero impact on scalability.

Optimized for Performance

Designed for high-throughput and high-volume applications that require near real-time search and analytics. Search performance optimized for secure and private data format. No impact on search speed. 

Deployed without any Modifications

Titaniam Protect drops into data notes with no code changes to the native platform or architecture. Titaniam Protect is completely invisible to upstream or downstream applications.

Built-in monitoring, audit and compliance

All access to sensitive or private data is logged, monitored, and available via dashboards and reports. This data can be used for audits against compliance requirements and security frameworks. 

Interested in keeping your sensitive data private and secure?