Leverage the Power of Enterprise Search with additional Security and built-In Data Privacy. Get Titaniam Protect ARCUS for Elasticsearch.

Operate Elasticsearch with no clear text sensitive data anywhere. Default privacy compliance and added protection in case of insider or credentialed breach. 

To learn more about Elasticsearch please visit the Elasticsearch website. Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.


Titaniam Protect

ARCUS for Elasticsearch

  • Converts designated fields into protected formats via plug-in  prior to ingesting them into Elasticsearch index

  • Enables full-featured search and analytics on protected fields while retaining data-in-use protection

  • Data can be released to requester in clear text or masked, based on configuration settings or access policy

  • Provides logs and Dashboards for monitoring, audit, and compliance
  • Supports six types of data protection: Data Entanglement (which supports search and analytics), Encryption, Format-preserving Encryption, Tokenization, Masking and Redaction

  • Supports keywords, text, numbers, and IP Address field types

  • Direct access to Elasticsearch or the host does not reveal clear text data 

  • Optimized for high search performance and high throughput

“Big data search and analytics platforms are a prime target for attackers since they contain heavy concentrations of valuable data and cannot benefit from traditional encryption for the massive amounts of data that is in use at any given point in time. I am excited to see that Titaniam is addressing this critical need.”

Ashok Banerjee

CTO, Enterprise Security, Symantec

"Enterprises  spend a lot of resources on securing well understood PII while not recognizing that security data such as unpatched vulnerabilities can cause a lot of damage in the wrong hands. It is good to see innovation in the area of protecting data-in-use as security data could greatly benefit from this type of protection.”

Ray Espinoza

CISO, Cobalt.io