Adaptive Data Protection from Titaniam makes regulatory compliance easy and efficient

GDPR, CCPA, CMMC, HIPAA. HITRUST, NIST SP 800-38A, NIST SP 800-38G, NIST SP 800-108, FIPS 10-4, FIPS 198-1

Titaniam Protect

For GDPR, CCPA, CMMC, HIPAA, HITRUST and other regulations with media protection, data protection, and data privacy requirements

  • Titaniam Protect implements a single control point for enforcement. ARCUS delivers this directly to the data platform so that all downstream applications are immediately privacy compliant. PANTHER and RIPPLE provide enforcement mechanism outside the platform or application via API or proxy, and MICRA can be leveraged in-memory for analytics applications. 

  • Regardless of the Titaniam Protect solution that is utilized, six different data protection options can be configured to meet data de-identification, data protection, data access, and data visibility requirements. These include complete redaction of sensitive data, tokenization, partial or complete masking, AES Encryption, Format Preserving Encryption, and Data Entanglement, which supports full featured search and analytics.

  • All data protection options are available at document and field levels. Different fields within a single document can be protected using different data protection techniques and can behave differently from each other. A single field can be protected and provided in a different manner depending on the needs of downstream users or applications, based on functionality as well as security or privacy requirements. 
  • All access to protected data can be logged and monitored for audit, forensics, and compliance reporting.

  • Dashboards provide single pane of glass visibility into protection and access information across clusters and across the enterprise. 

Please contact us here to learn about our own certification against the following standards: NIST SP 800-38A, NIST SP 800-38G, NIST SP 800-108, FIPS 10-4, FIPS 198-1, FIPS 140-2 

“Interesting to see a solution to secure data-in-use. The focus so far has been on data-at-rest and data-in-motion. Securing data-in-use is extremely important as data is exposed to wide variety of systems and users 99% of the time during its lifecycle.”

Shubho Mohanty

Chief Innovation Officer, Altimetrik