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Why hackers love PHI

Why do hackers love PHI and what can we do about it?

What constitutes PII?

NIST classifies IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, Device identifiers and other such attributes that can point to users identities as PII, and therefore subjects them to firm standards of protection.

Zero Clear Text for Cyber Resilience

NIST provides a fourteen point framework for improving cyber resilience. Of the fourteen, three specifically address critical assets. Titaniam, Inc. supports all three for data assets.

Cyber-resilience in the face of Ransomware

Understanding the motives behind attacks such as ransomware helps with crafting appropriate cyber resilience strategies. 

At least 8 Billion clear text PII records were lost from big data applications last year representing a systemic and industry-wide data privacy and security gap.

Will You Be Next?

Interested in keeping your sensitive data private and secure?