Identify existing applications or data stores and use our modules a-la-carte for data breach/ransom proofing

  • Add-on to fortify existing apps/datastores
  • Three form factors for maximum versatility: Plug-in, proxy/driver, and API
  • 10 data protection modes including searchable AES/FPE, Regular AES/FPE, tokenized, masked, redacted, and searchable valet for third-party data sharing
  • Automatic data privacy enforcement
  • Transparent query interception, key lifecycle management and BYOK
  • Cloud or prem agnostic
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 and HIPAA compliant

Fortify a critical asset against extortion and breach


Identify asset


Select form factor


Configure protection
  1. Designate schema(s) for protection
  2. Configure security controls: file, doc or field level protection modes for ingest, processing and storage
  3. Configure privacy controls: field level data release policy
  4. Configure keys (owned or BYOK)
  5. Plug-in and proxy are self set up, for API, write calls on app side or grab a pre-built content pack from Titaniam
Is A-la-carte Titaniam Protect right for you?
  1. Do you have an existing app or datastore that contain PII/PHI, personal or security data?
  2. Does this asset need to be FIPS, HIPAA, HITRUST, or GDPR compliant?
  3. Would unauthorized admin access, exfiltration or ransom against this asset create significant risk?

4. Is protecting this asset from ransomware extortion or your customers from being contacted directly by attackers one of your top priorities?

A-la-carte for existing applications or data stores