Data Protection without Compromise

Eliminate Clear Text. Protect data-in-use. Preserve search and analytics.

Trending Use Cases

Protecting Cloud SaaS Data
Artificial Intelligence
GDPR Compliance
Protecting Security Analytics
Protecting Cloud Vendor Data
Securing Customer Support
Protecting Audience Management Data

Titaniam Protect™

A single set of controls for the security and privacy of big data platforms and applications

Data Security

Protect your data as it is ingested, while it is being indexed, and while it is in use – all in one place, with no platform or application modifications. 

Data Privacy

Release sensitive data to front end applications in a variety of private formats, based on privacy policy, compliance, or other business goals.


Comply with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy initiatives while maintaining auditability and reporting.

At least 8 Billion clear text PII records were lost from big data applications last year representing a systemic and industry-wide data privacy and security gap.

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