Yes this is yet another post about how yet another vendor could have helped with the Shopify breach. There were a few earlier today and there will be more from others. But here goes anyway… If you are worried you are not well prepared to address your insider threats, you are not alone. There are only two categories of things you can do to protect yourself against insiders: first, be a log ninja of sorts who can catch the thief in the act; and second, reduce or remove the prize altogether. For the first category you have user behavior analytics in various forms. For the second, by definition of the word insider, you have no options at all i.e. if they are insiders – they can see the data. All this was true until Titaniam came along. With Titaniam Protect, insiders can be insiders and have the ability to work with sensitive data without it existing in clear text anywhere. Why would any enterprise continue making sensitive data available in clear text to any insider (or outsider) ever again?

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Shopify says two support staff stole customer data from sellers

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