Our Adaptive Data Protection enables enterprises to search, transact, and manipulate valuable data without the use of clear text.


Titaniam has offices in Silicon Valley, USA and Chennai, India

Arti Raman

Founder and CEO

Pakshi Rajan

VP Products


Ray Rothrock 

Investor, FiftySix Investments

Silicon Valley legend. Advisor to corporations and government. Thought leader. Philanthropist.

Sumedh Thakar

President and Chief Product Officer, Qualys

Director. Advisor. Angel Investor.

Ramy Houssaini

Chief Cyber and Technology Risk Officer, BNP Paribas

Advisor. Angel Investor.

Amit Jasuja

Venture Capitalist

Director. Advisor. Cybersecurity leader.

Vishal Gupta

Chief Technology Officer, Unisys

Angel Investor

Naveen Palavali

VP, McAfee

Angel Investor

Piyush Sharma

Founder and Chief Product Officer, Accurics

Angel Investor


David Monahan

SVP, Bank of America

Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy, Cobalt.io

Javed Hasan

Product Leader, McAfee

Ashok Banerjee

CTO, Symantec

Paul O’Brien

VP, Symantec

Neelima Rustagi

PM, Palo Alto Networks

Practitioners Council

Chris Roberts

vCISO, Hacker, Consultant

Chris Tillett

Security Eng at Exabeam

Gary Fischer

VP of Sales, XM Cyber

“Titaniam addresses a major gap in the data protection space. There isn’t a CISO out there who does not not want to reduce the risk of exposing valuable data as it flows through the enterprise. ”

Javed Hasan

Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances at McAfee

"Titaniam Protect offers the first, feasible and large-scale option for protecting data-in-use on the platforms it supports."

SVP and Information Security Officer

Fortune 5 Bank

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John Doe

CXO, Cool Company

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Jane Doe

Wise Person, Company XYZ

I remember four or five years ago talking about how much data we’ve generated, and then in late 2020 we had to revise the whole equation as we realized that 90% of the digital data existing had been created in the last two years. And as we move through the next few years we’ll continue to generate around 2MB per human (7.5 billion and counting) PER second… that’s data in-use, not at rest where we can manage it, coddle it, protect it etc, nor in-motion where we can attempt to wrap it in armor and protected systems..its in-use, right out in the open for everyone to see, and that’s why there has to be much more of a focus on the very information we rely upon every second of the day.

All data should not be created equal. There should be privilege, accountability, rights and abilities applied to that data depending upon who has to work with it, see it, handle it or simply manage it. However in our world all data IS created equally which is why we have so many issues and challenged with it. The logic behind Titaniam is simple, hold the data accountable, resolve inequality in a way that manages the rights, risks and privileges. Protection without compromise for all your data in-use, what more could you ask for?

Chris Roberts

vCISO, Hacker, Security Researcher