Our Adaptive Data Protection Platform Enables you to protect sensitive data-in-use at all times.

Provide situationally aware data protection. Eliminate Clear Text. Preserve Search and Analytics 

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Data exists in three states: at-rest, in-transit, and in-
use. Data protection is only available for two: at-rest and in-transit. As a result, sensitive data-in-use is
searched, analyzed, transacted, and proliferates in
clear text leaving it highly vulnerable to insider and
outsider threats as well as data privacy issues.


Titaniam enables data protection that stays on even while data is indexed, searched, analyzed, transacted, and manipulated. Titaniam creates an always on, default, secure and private state for sensitive data, which prevents its uncontrolled proliferation while keeping it private and secure.

Data Security

Protect your data as it is ingested, while it is being indexed, and while it is in use – all in one place, with no platform or application modifications. 

Data Privacy

Release sensitive data to front end applications in a variety of private formats, based on privacy policy, compliance, or other business goals.


Comply with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy initiatives while maintaining auditability and reporting.

“Titaniam addresses a major gap in the data protection space. There isn’t a CISO out there who does not not want to reduce the risk of exposing valuable data as it flows through the enterprise.”

Javed Hasan

Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances at McAfee

“Big data search and analytics platforms are a prime target for attackers since they contain heavy concentrations of valuable data and cannot benefit from traditional encryption for the massive amounts of data that is in use at any given point in time. I am excited to see that Titaniam is addressing this critical need.”

Ashok Banerjee

CTO, Enterprise Security, Symantec

“Titaniam greatly simplifies data protection for Arkime. Their protection stays in place at all times, even when protected data is being used inside Elasticsearch.”


Andy Wick

Creator, Arkime

“Nowhere is the security vs. performance tradeoff more apparent than when it comes to big data search and analytics. It is critically important to provide security tools that enable enterprises to make this data secure and private while still enabling the required business functionality.”

Ray Espinoza

CISO, Cobalt.io

"With the growing importance of data privacy, the fact that vast majority of data breaches taking place with valid credentials, and the need for companies to do a better job, Titaniam fills an important need to protect valuable data while it is being used"

Amit Jasuja

Venture Capitalist, Cybersecurity thought leader