Titaniam makes your valuable assets immune to breaches ransomware, extortion, and insider threats.

A collaboration between twenty one
cybersecurity thought leaders.

A collaboration between twenty one
cybersecurity thought leaders.

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Focusing on the fundamentals to boost cybersecurity and resilience

Titaniam Protect Suite

Identify existing applications or data stores and use our modules a-la-carte for data breach/ransom proofing

Titaniam Spectra

Drop in a breach and extortion proof analytic store for managing your sensitive data

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We provide ransomware extortion defense in whatever form works best for you. Drop our proxy, API or plugin into your existing architecture or use our end-to-end solution in the form of Spectra, our advanced data vault. Either way you will never have to worry about being extorted.
Once protected by Titaniam, sensitive data is never persisted in clear text, not even while in active use. Business workflows and applications maintain full functionality, but your data will not be compromised even if you are breached, attacked by insiders with credentials, or suffer a misconfiguration.
While we bring cutting edge technology to the table in the form of searchable encryption, we realize you already have some favorite techniques. This is why we include all data protection techniques into one engine. We apply the right protection at the right time to keep your data safe.
The only thing worse than not having a way to protect valuable data, is not being able to apply proper protection because it drags down performance to below acceptable levels. Titaniam delivers highly performant protection at scale to meet your toughest data protection challenges.

Data Security

Expand your data protection from data-at-rest and data-in-transit, to include data-in-use. Titaniam implements true Zero Trust for Data.

Data Privacy

Persist and process your data while keeping it encrypted but release it in a variety of private formats based on context, policy or regulatory compliance.


Easily enforce Data Privacy controls for the GDPR, CCPA and all other regulations. Maintain a private-by-default posture across the organization.

“Titaniam addresses a major gap in the data protection space. There isn’t a CISO out there who does not not want to reduce the risk of exposing valuable data as it flows through the enterprise.”

Javed Hasan

Global Head of Enterprise Products Strategy and Alliances at McAfee

“Big data search and analytics platforms are a prime target for attackers since they contain heavy concentrations of valuable data and cannot benefit from traditional encryption for the massive amounts of data that is in use at any given point in time. I am excited to see that Titaniam is addressing this critical need.”

Ashok Banerjee

CTO, Enterprise Security, Symantec

“Titaniam greatly simplifies data protection for Arkime. Their protection stays in place at all times, even when protected data is being used inside Elasticsearch.”

Andy Wick

Creator, Arkime

“Nowhere is the security vs. performance tradeoff more apparent than when it comes to big data search and analytics. It is critically important to provide security tools that enable enterprises to make this data secure and private while still enabling the required business functionality.”

Ray Espinoza


"With the growing importance of data privacy, the fact that vast majority of data breaches taking place with valid credentials, and the need for companies to do a better job, Titaniam fills an important need to protect valuable data while it is being used"

Amit Jasuja

Venture Capitalist, Cybersecurity thought leader

Protecting sensitive data while it is used is the next frontier of data protection. Since the bulk of privacy and security issues are taking place with access credentials, it is really important for enterprises to have a default state for their data that is private and secure at all times, including when it is actively being used.

Vishal Gupta

CTO, Unisys